XDreamerMS Awakening IX - Resurrection
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XDreamerMS Awakening IX - Resurrection
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XDreamerMS Awakening IX - Resurrection
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How to connect to XDreamerMS (Detailed Explanation)

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How to connect to XDreamerMS (Detailed Explanation) Empty How to connect to XDreamerMS (Detailed Explanation)

Post  InfernoDragon0 Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:18 pm

Go to our main page at XDreamerMS Site and go to the [Download] section.

Currently [October 27th 2012], Files that are in the download section are

- Maplestory Global Client (Version 117)
- Our Launcher (Version 1.0.0)

In the News & Updates section you can find our patch and patch notes
- Custom Patches (Version 0.0.1 Beta)

1. In the download section, You will find
- Maplestory Global Original Client v117
- Our Launcher (XDreamerMS Client Download)

2. If you do not have the original v117 client, download it by clicking it.

3. Download our custom patches from the News & Updates section and patch it (detailed info on how to patch is in the section)

4. Download Our Launcher and extract the files, then copy all of the files inside into your Maplestory Global v117 file.
- Optionally you can make a shortcut of our launcher to desktop for ease of access. The launcher is named Launcher.exe

5. Run the Launcher.exe, and you will find a nicely created UI with the login page.

6. At the login page, as this server supports auto registration, register by
- Putting a preferred Username and Password into the 2 boxes (NOTE!! USER AND PASS MUST NOT BE LONGER THAN 12, if not you will glitch the screen and you will need to log out)
- Press Enter
- Ignore the error "Incorrect user or pass", when this error comes out, if your preferred Username and Password are not taken by other players,
- It will be automatically registered into our database.
- Press Enter to continue and enjoy!

Remember, once you have patched your v117, you won't be able to go back to the original v117! Since v117 is one version older than the real GMS, I am guessing that all of you downloaded v117 just to come into this server so you do not need to backup the file. DOWNLOAD V117 SEPARATELY FROM THE CURRENT GMS VERSION SO THAT YOU CAN GO BACK TO THE OFFICIAL SERVER

You're Welcome!
Owner(Coder) - InfernoDragon0

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How to connect to XDreamerMS (Detailed Explanation) Empty Saying it's offline.

Post  Stripper Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:48 pm

I already had a v117 MsSetup, and I re-downloaded it, and extracted everything into the folder, but for some odd reason it keeps saying it's down due to my firewall or server check. My firewall isn't on because it keeps deleting the LEN, iij15.dll, and LEN.dll. Do I have to maybe change the LEN to a different IP to this server? Or is the server right now currently offline?

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