XDreamerMS Awakening IX - Resurrection
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XDreamerMS Awakening IX - Resurrection
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XDreamerMS Awakening IX - Resurrection
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Myuk Event admin App Empty Myuk Event admin App

Post  karseng Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:08 am

Real Name:
My name is Myuk but some people in-game like to call me Milk for an unknown reason. I'm not even sure who made that nickname up.

I am 13 turning 14 in about 2 months.

Time zone:
I live in Singapore So my time zone GMT+8

My In-Game name is Myuk. I know everyone loves Milk

I do have a Skype but I wouldn't like to post it here due to random people adding me, so if you would like my Skype please PM me on forum or in-game for Skype.

Why I should be chosen as a Game Master:
This might be a bit long so bear with it please.

I believe I should be chosen because I can help many players by answering questions that were over smega or from @needgmhelp, I show players who are new the community on how to exchange vote points, how to gain ETC, where to level, where to buy items, where to buy pots, etc. I am always enforcing the rules. I am not into events because I am not much of a fun of hosting them. They aren't my interest so I will not be hosting any events, but if I do it'll probably and most likely be a MSI event, reason why is because I feel the need of keeping my trophy something really valuable. I treasure my trophies a-lot. I'd also like to keep XDreamerMs a safe and friendly community where fights and agruments will be limited. I always try my best to solve the argument/fight no matter how long it takes. I will make the appropriate punishment when necessary. I will try my best to keep XDreamerMS safe and friendly, keeping it safe and friendly will give XDreamerMS an amazing reputation which results in our server becoming more populated.

Several other reasons why I believe I should be chosen are:

I am experienced, I know most of the features on this server and it's way of getting things.
I am really active, even though I work I still have around 3 - 6 hours of time to dedicate to XDreamerMS. During weekends it just depends, I sometimes will be able to stay longer sometimes I will be on less due to going out with friends and such.
I know how being a GM is and what responsibility I should be holding. I have been a GM once in another private server called ToshiroStory,DchaosMs,ressusrectionMS,HellyMs. I am also a DGM (Donator GameMaster) on circusms and have been one for about 2 months already. I know how a GM should act and what he/she should be doing to solve the problem and also I am not bias, this includes anyone even my real life friends or really close friends.
I'll be honest here, my main reason for buying DGM was to stalk people. I know that's a silly reason to buy the status. I was not interested in the commands except to stalk people, but after a while I have felt how I need to help this server and have done everything to help it. Although I do not help in XAT or Forums, I do help a-lot of people in-game. Many people have seen this too. I have been asked by many people to consider making a GM application and wasn't interested in it much, but I decided to think about it more and I thought why not? So here I am.
I promise to enforce the rules as much as possible, be able to act professional and help players and solve situations easily and calmly. I do joke around sometimes but I am always sure not to cross the line, even though the way I joke isn't serious at all. As you can see above I am not a liar and I am always honest. I am assiduous and always have been in my whole life.
I am scrupulous when it comes to hackers and will ban them immediately when it's necessary. I will always remember to ask other D(GM)s for help on deciding the punishment and will always ask them to come and witness the hacker in action. I will always be on a lookout as I would love to keep XDreamerMS as safe and hack-free community. I always wonder why people even bother hacking on a high-rate server? It's just absurd.
I am extremely helpful. As a GM you have the responsibility to help players. That's one of the main reasons why GMs are needed. Helping players is a critical part of being a GM yet an easy thing to do. Even though I am not a GM I have many players whispering or asking me for help due to the reason that I am one of the few who help a-lot because of my time-zone, not many other of the GMs are on except 1 or 2. I have learnt that you don't need to be a GM or have to be on the list for players to actually ask you for help. If you are seen helping a-lot new players will always come to you for help. I don't believe others who say that being on the list will make new players come to them for help, I find that a complete lie. If you help enough for new members to see they will come straight to you for help, that's what others don't understand.

Although appearing on the list does give myself an advantage I still find being a DGM still enough for me to help players, due to I have access to being able to see @NeedGmHelp and help players immediately when I see smegas. I am also a fast typer which is a good advantage. Last thing I'd like to say is that I am friendly and trustworthy. If you get to know me you will see how friendly I am. I can be a bit harsh at times when it's necessary but I haven't seen any players complaining about that.

A few things about me:

My favourite sport are Basketball
I was born in Malaysia but move to Singapore when I was age 6
I am Chinese
I'm really patient and a-bit lazy in real life.
I love SIC, I really love them and love to talk about them I also have spent so much time and money on my SiC.
I like being home alone because my parents are those fussy and annoying type one. Though I do hate the fact that I am a really bad cooker and always have nothing to eat at home.

I play full-time, PLaying 8 hours for 4 days and 12 hours for 1 day.
Thx For reading my GM app


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